Where Does Social Media Fit in Your Strategy?

Where Does Social Media Fit in Your Strategy?

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There may be quite a few differences between you and your target market, including the way they use social media. While evaluating this document it is very important to remember that there is a large and growing portion of the population actively involved in the social media shift, even if you may not be.

The key benefits for your business are

Manage Your Online Brand Reputation

People are (or should be!) talking about your brand online right now, and social media gives you the ability to listen and be involved in the conversation directly.

Generate Business Leads

Create brand advocates & advisors by keeping them active with frequent contact. Be where your audience is and expand your database. Create online brand communities who will continue to market you to the web.

Be a Knowledgeable Leader

Be seen as the leading edge in your industry and share your perspective and expertise. Learn of new developments as and when they happen around the world. Monitor what your market is really thinking and saying about your competitors.

Customer Service

Respond to your client’s and potential client’s queries live and direct, either publically or privately depending on the impression you wish to make.

Client Relationship Management

Open a reliable and approachable channel of communication (daily, hourly, etc.) with your clients and prospects with the view to start conversations about your services or products.

Secure your Social Media Identity

Similar to branding through domain names. Have you secured all your social media profiles?

Display Business Intelligence

Social media trades traditional media spend for labour cost. By activating your social media strategy you will be seen as maximizing your existing expenditure (staff) which in this economic climate is critical.

Measure and Report

What marketing methods offer such clear linked metrics? The answer can only be obtained online.


Create an online identity that can attract likeminded people into your organization.

Sequence of Execution:

  • Review your organization’s mission
  • Develop a message (i.e., communications strategy) that supports your organization’s mission
  • Identify your target audience
  • Determine how social media will support your communications strategy
  • Create consistent – not overwhelming – messaging across all communication channels

The Four R’s:

  • Receive feedback from your community/members/audience
  • Review all feedback
  • Revise your marketing communications (including social media) strategies based on the needs of the community
  • Re-implement or adjust your strategy

About João Geraldes

Doutorado em Gestão, Estratégia e Posicionamento pela Universidad da Extremadura de Badajoz na área de Organização e Competitividade, Mestre em Gestão no Instituto Superior de Gestão e Licenciado em Organização e Gestão de Empresas no ISCTE. Atualmente é Coordenador da Licenciatura de Gestão do Instituto Piaget, Diretor Emérito do Instituto Superior de Ciências da Administração, Managing Partner da 2B-On | SOCIAL BUSINESS CONSULTING, CEO da TSG, BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING, Partner da AKA People, Diretor da Pós Graduação de Gestão Hospitalar do Instituto Superior de Gestão. Leciona ainda na Ordem dos Farmacêuticos a Pós-Graduação de Marketing Digital e é docente também no Centro de Estudos Superiores da Indústria Farmacêutica em Marketing Digital, acumulando experiência lectiva desde 1990 (27 anos). É Presidente da Assembleia da OV-Associação Portuguesa de Profissionais de Vendas e Presidente da Direção da Associação de Proprietários de São Marcos desde 1995). É membro efetivo da Ordem dos Economistas com o nº 10723.
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