[E] Interactive Marketing Glossary

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[E] Interactive Marketing Glossary

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E-COMMERCE – the process of selling products or services via the Web.

E-MAIL ADVERTISING – banner ads, links or advertiser sponsorships that appear in e-mail newsletters, e-mail marketing campaigns and other commercial e-mail communications. Includes all types of electronic mail (e.g., basic text or HTML-enabled).

E-MAIL BOUNCE – An e-mail that cannot be delivered to the mailbox provider and is sent back to the e-mail Service Provider that sent it. A bounce is classified as either .hard. or .soft.. Hard bounces are the failed delivery of e-mail due to a permanent reason, such as a non-existent address. Soft bounces are the failed delivery of e-mail due to a temporary issue, such as a full inbox or an unavailable ISP (Internet Service Provider) server.

E-MAIL CAMPAIGN – advertising campaign distributed via e-mail.

E-MAIL INBOX – Within a mailbox provider, the default, primary folder that stores delivered e-mail messages.

E-MAIL MAILBOX PROVIDER – the e-mail program, and by extension the server, that hosts the targeted e-mail address

E-MAIL PREVIEW PANE – a small window within a mailbox provider that allows the user to view some e-mail content without opening the e-mail.

E-MAIL SERVICE PROVIDER (ESP) – a business or organization that provides the e-mail campaign delivery technology. ESPs may also provide services for marketing, advertising and general communication purposes.

ENCODER – a hardware or software application used to compress audio and video signals for the purpose of streaming. See codec

ENCODING – the process of compressing and separating a file into packets so that it can be delivered over a network.

ENCRYPTION – “securing” digital information so that it is unreadable without the use of digital keys.

END-USER -Another term for wireless subscriber, end users are people and/or entities that utilize short codes for communication with applications. (e.g. a user who watches a video using their mobile device).

ENHANCED DATA RATES FOR GSM EVOLUTION (EDGE ) (Enhanced GPRS (EGPRS)- The final stage in the evolution of the GSM standard, which was also an intermediate technology that brought 2G closer to 3G capacity for data transfer. EDGE uses a new modulation schema to enable theoretical data speeds of up to 384kbit/s within the existing GSM spectrum.

EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) – an application that allows the viewer to interactively select his/her television programming.

ETHERNET – a networking technology that links computers together in local area networks.

ETV (Enhanced Television) – a type of interactive television technology which allows content producers to send data and graphical “enhancements” through a small part of the regular analog broadcast signal called the Vertical Blanking Interval. These enhancements appear as overlays on the video and allow viewers to click on them if they are watching TV via special set-top box/software services.

EXPANDABLE BANNERS – a banner ad which can expand to as large as 468 x 240 after a user clicks on it or after a user moves his/her cursor over the banner.

EXTENSIBLE HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE (XHTML ) – A markup language. It is a reformulated, upgraded version of HTML, but still conforms to the XML syntax.

EXTENSIBLE MARKUP LANGUAGE (XML ) – A general-purpose markup language, primarily used to facilitate the sharing of data across different information systems, particularly via the Internet.

EXTRANET – an intranet that is partially accessible to authorized outsiders via a valid username and password.

EYEBALLS – slang term for audience; the number of people who view a certain website or advertisement.


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