[G] Interactive Marketing Glossary

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[G] Interactive Marketing Glossary

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GALLERY – An extended set of menus containing links to third-party content. The gallery is usually accessed from the main (mobile carrier) deck with the assumption the content has gone through some basic acceptance testing, though less detailed than that applied to content featured on the main deck.

GENERAL PACKET RADIO SERVICE – A packet-switching technology that enables high-speed data transmission of up to 115kbps. An enhancement for GSM, often described as 2.5G.

GEOTARGETING – Displaying (or preventing the display of) content based on automated or assumed knowledge of an end user‘s position in the real world. Relevant to both PC and mobile data services.

GIF (GRAPHICS INTERCHANGE FORMAT) – a standard web graphic format which uses compression to store and display images. A supported format for color images, such as mobile banner ads.

GIGABYTE – one gigabyte equals 1000 megabytes.

GPS (GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM) – A system of satellites, computers and receivers that can determine the latitude and longitude of a given receiver (within it’s system) located on Earth. It pinpoints the receiver’s location by calculating the time it takes for signals from different satellites (positioned at various locations) to reach the receiver.

GLOBAL SYSTEM FOR MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS – A digital mobile cellular standard developed and widely used in Europe. One of the main 2G digital wireless standards.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)– Digital mobile radio technology permitting moderate data rates along with voice communication. Evolution from the GSM standard; referred to as .2.5 G.. See 3G.

GRAPHIC BANNERS – A graphic mobile ad represented by a banner featuring an image. Similar to a web banner, but with lower size constraints.

GREETING – A voicemail greeting that the caller hears when the call recipient he/she is attempting to reach does not answer their mobile phone. Can consist of a Master-tone or Voicetone, or a custom message recorded by the handset/account owner or by the DrinsSPOT service. (see DringSPOT)

GROSS EXPOSURES – the total number of times an ad is served, including duplicate downloads to the same person.

GSM (Global System for Mobile) – the wireless telephone standard in Europe and most of the rest of the world outside North America.

GUERILLA MARKETING- campaign tactic involving the placement of often humorous brand-related messages in unexpected places either online or in the real world; intended to provoke word-of-mouth and build buzz

GUI (Graphical User interface) – a way of enabling users to interact with the computer using visual icons and a mouse rather than a command-line prompt/interpreter.


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