[J] Interactive Marketing Glossary

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[J] Interactive Marketing Glossary

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JAVA – A programming language designed for building applications on the Internet. An object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Programs authored in Java do not rely on an operating system, as long as a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is installed on the destination device on which they are running. It allows for advanced features, increased animation detail and real-time updates. Small applications called Java applets can be downloaded from a server and executed by Java-compatible browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome and Netscape Navigator.

JAVA 2 PLATFORM, MICRO EDITION (J2ME) – A technology that allows programmers to use the Java programming language and related tools to develop programs for mobile handsets. J2ME consists of programming specifications and a special virtual machine (Java Virtual Machine, or JVM) that allows a J2ME-encoded program to run in the handset.

JAVA GAMES (refer to Mobile Games ) – Mobile games authored in the Java programming language. The destination/player device must have the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed for it to run.

JPEG (JOINT PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPERTS GROUP ) – An image compression format widely used for storing and transmitting photographs on the World Wide Web. Suitable for compressing photographic images, however, each subsequent compression causes image quality deterioration. Not appropriate for graphs, charts and other textual or iconic graphics, as the compression blurs the image.

JUMP PAGE (Landing Page) – The page or view to which a user is directed when they click on an active link embedded in a banner, web page, email or other view. A click-through lands the user on a jump page.

JUMP PAGE AD – microsite which is reached via click-through from button or banner ad. The jump page itself can list several topics, which are linked to either the advertiser’s site or the publisher’s site.

JUNK E-MAIL FOLDER – A folder within an e-mail client or on an E-mail Service Provider server that stores e-mail messages that are identified, either by the user or by an automated spam filter, as undesired or undesirable.


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