[M] Interactive Marketing Glossary

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[M] Interactive Marketing Glossary

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MAILING LIST – an automatically distributed e-mail message on a particular topic going to certain individuals.

MAKEGOODS – additional ad impressions which are negotiated in order to make up for the shortfall of ads delivered versus the commitments outlined in the approved insertion order.

MASTERTONE (Truetone, Realtone ) – Audio sourced directly from recorded music tracks and encoded for mobile devices with a high fidelity format, such as MP3, AAC, or WMV format. Often an edited section of a song or other composition, Mastertones can be used as Ringer Tones and Ringback Tones.

M-COMMERCE – mobile commerce, the ability to conduct monetary transactions via a mobile device, such as a WAP-enabled cell phone.

MEDIA COMPANY – A company that derives revenue from publishing content via one or more means of distribution, e.g., print publishing, television, radio, the Internet Microblogging- Publishing very brief, spontaneous posts to a public Website, usually via a mobile device or wirelessly connected laptop. Micro-sites – multi-page ads accessed via click-through from initial ad. The user stays on the publisher‘s Web site, but has access to more information from the advertiser than a display ad allows.

MENU – Any list of selections that are accessible using either the left or right soft key while inside the Application.

MESSAGING – Collectively, SMS and MMS messages sent to mobile phones/devices. This definition does not include advertisements delivered on WAP sites or advertisements delivered into games on mobile devices.

MESSAGING FEES – Each time an SMS is sent, both the sender and receiver can be charged a messaging fee by the wireless carrier. The messaging fees vary by carrier and volume. SMS messaging credits can be purchased in volume to reduce costs.

META DESCRIPTION – The meta tag that describes the page’s content – especially relevant to mobile spiders.

MIDI  (MUSICAL INSTRUMENT DIGITAL INTERFACE ) – A standard used to represent musical information in a digital format. They can be recorded and played back only on MIDI-capable devices.

MIDROLL – Form of online video ad placement where the ad is played during a break in the middle of the content video. See Preroll and Postroll.

MIME (Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions) – a method of encoding a file for delivery over the Internet.

MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game) – Any of a variety of three dimensional, highly immersive, PC or console based video games where many players interact, competing or co-operating to achieve goals in real time.

MMS – A message sent via a Multimedia Messaging Service that contains multimedia objects. See Multimedia Messaging Service

MMS (MULTIMEDIA MESSAGING SERVICE) – Standard for telephony messaging systems that enable the sending of messages that include multimedia objects (images, audio, video, rich text). May or may not include normal text.

MMS BANNER – A transparent advertising screen image that is inserted with text onto an MMS message. This image will be displayed as the subscriber is viewing the complete MMS message.

MMS MARKETING – A form of mobile marketing that utilizes MMS (Multimedia Message Service) to send images, video, sound files and text messages between mobile phones and other handheld devices. See DringSPOT

MO MESSAGE – A mobile-originated message, meaning an SMS or text message sent from a mobile phone. These messages are sent by a mobile subscriber by creating and sending the message from within their mobile phone.

MO OR MT BILLING – The tagging of a tariff to the MO or MT SMS message of a PSMS service for billing purposes.

MOBILE ADVERTISING – A form of advertising that is communicated to the consumer/target via a handset. This type of advertising is most commonly seen as a Mobile Web Banner (top of page), Mobile Web Poster (bottom of page banner), and full screen interstitial, which appears while a requested mobile web page is “loading.” Other forms of this type of advertising are SMS and MMS ads, mobile gaming ads, and mobile video ads (pre, mid and post roll).  see DringSPOT


MOBILE COMMUNITY SERVICE – A service accessible from a mobile device which may include, but is not limited to, the following functionality: (i) a system for end-users to communicate through the service; or (ii) a system or mechanism for end-users to upload or download content to a private space; or (iii) a system or mechanism to upload or download content to a public space.

MOBILE CONTENT – Entertainment, sports and news information and games delivered via any wireless media type in a non-advertising format. Location, delivery, and technology of content is irrelevant and can include both on and off deck.

MOBILE CONTENT ADVERTISING – This is typically an SMS message that either: a) contains advertising text; or b) points mobile subscribers to a print, web or TV advertisement that promotes mobile ringtones, games, applications, subscription services and other mobile products. DringSPOT

MOBILE DATING – Social networking via a mobile community, application or web site for the purpose of dating.

MOBILE GAMES – A game created for and played on a handset or handheld computer. The majority of mobile games are downloaded to the handset and played using the basic technologies and controls built into the device (arrow keys, soft key, number keys, etc). Some mobile games are developed to be played using the communications technologies present in the device and/or provided by the service provider/carrier, such as by text message (SMS), multimedia message (MMS) or GPRS location identification. Mobile games are presently authored on the Java, BREW or Symbian development platforms.

MOBILE GREETING CARD  (Truetone, Realtone) – A mobile greeting card comprised of media file/s such as a graphic or video clip, which may either contain a pre-composed text message/sentiment, or provide the sender the ability to add a personalized message (text) before sending to mobile recipient. 

MOBILE HANDSET (Mobile Terminal) – See Handset



MOBILE MARKETER – All companies within the mobile ecosystem, including: Advertisers, Aggregators/Distributors, Carriers, Content Providers and Publishers.

MOBILE MARKETING – A form of marketing that generally uses SMS, MMS or WAP Push to deliver its promotion to mobile phones or other mobile devices. Like outdoor, print or interactive marketing, mobile marketing is simply another tactic marketers can use to reach a target audience.

MOBILE MARKETING PROGRAM – Any marketing or advertising program distributed via a handset. Multiple mobile messages, usually delivered as part of a coordinated campaign. This includes, but is not limited to, a Mobile Messaging Program, one or more advertisements delivered on WAP sites, or one or more advertisements delivered via games on mobile devices.

MOBILE MESSAGE – SMS and/or MMS message sent to a handset but does not include advertisements delivered on WAP sites, or advertisements delivered into mobile games.



MOBILE ORIGINATED MESSAGE  (MO), (MOM) – An SMS/ MMS message sent from a mobile device. An SMS or MMS message that was originated on a mobile phone.MOBILE SEARCH – Executing a search via mobile Internet.

MOBILE SHORTS (Mobile Episodes, Mobisodes) – Original, made-for-mobile programming/episodes. Usually created by TV networks and movie studios to cross-sell popular TV and film properties/franchises. Not the same as “mobile video clips.”

MOBILE STATION INTERNATIONAL ISDN NUMBER (MSISDN), (Mobile Phone Number, MIN) – Uniquely identifies a wireless device within a wireless carrier’s network. The MSISDN is dialed from other wireless or wireline networks to direct a signal to a specific wireless device. MSISDNs can be electronically checked to help prevent fraud.

MOBILE SUBSCRIBER (Subscriber ) – A consumer that enters into an agreement with a Carrier. Once executed, the agreement requires the Carrier to provide wireless telecommunications services to the consumer.

MOBILE TERMINATED MESSAGE (MT), (MTM)  – An SMS or MMS message that was terminated (sent) to a mobile phone. The message may have originated from another mobile phone or from a web server, PC or other fixed device. A mobile-terminated message, meaning an SMS or text message terminated on a mobile phone. These messages are typically viewed by the recipient in their text message ‘Inbox’.

MOBILE TV – Television/Video programming formatted for the mobile screen. Program is streamed or broadcasted via various platforms – MediaFlo, DVB-H, etc.


MOBILE VIRTUAL NETWORK OPERATOR (MVNO) – A mobile service provider that leases/ uses the network infrastructure of a major mobile carrier. An MVNO is a Mobile Operator, which does not possess its own telecom network. An MVNO has its own SIM cards and purchases wholesale minutes from a Mobile Network Operator. An MVNO is free to apply its own pricelists and services, and manage its own invoicing and customer services.

MOBILE WEB (Wireless Internet Mobile Web Mobile Internet ) – The Mobile Web is a channel for delivery of web content, which offers and formats content to users in awareness of the mobile context. The mobile context is characterized by the nature of personal user information needs (e.g. updating your blog, accessing travel information, receiving news update), constraints of mobile phones (i.e. screen size, keypad input) and special capabilities (i.e. location, connection type such as 3G or WLAN).

MODEM – device which transfers digital signals to analog signals and vice versa suitable for sending across phone or cable lines.

MONO TONE – An old-style ringtone based on previous generation technology, that  plays one musical note at a time. A single track composition.

Moore’s Law – A key observation regarding the growth in computer power experienced over the past several decades. Gordon Moore of Intel stated that the speed of semiconductor processors doubles every 18 months. So far this has remained true.

MOUSEOVER – the process by which a user places his/her mouse over a media object, without clicking. The mouse may need to remain still for a specified amount of time to initiate some actions.

MP3  (MPEG AUDIO LAYER 3 ) – Codec most commonly used for digital music online. Generic term for any digital music file, regardless of codec used to create or play it. An audio compression format to greatly reduce the amount of data required to represent the audio recording, without compromising a significant level of its original sound quality.

MP3 TONE – Ringtone created from MP3 formats. Can only be utilized on MP3 supported handsets.

MPEG (MOTION PICTURE EXPERTS GROUP) – A compression technology for voice and video, which allows these forms of information to be transmitted over difficult links or small-bandwidth networks. 1) the file format that is used to compress and transmit movies or video clips online; 2) standards set by the Motion Picture Exports Group for video media.

MSO (MULTIPLE SYSTEM OPERATOR) – A generic industry acronym for a cable TV system operator; more correctly, any cable network operator with more than one cable TV system

MULTIPLAYER MOBILE GAME (MMG) (Massive Multiplayer Game) – Mobile game that can be played simultaneously by several players at the same physical location on one handset (pass-and-play), or offsite, on different handsets. The latter type must be network enabled.


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