[O] Interactive Marketing Glossary

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[O] Interactive Marketing Glossary

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OFF PORTAL  (Off Deck) – Point of sale/access on the mobile network, but outside of the carrier’s “walled garden”/ portal/ deck, where consumers can access/ purchase information and mobile products/ content/ utilities.

OFFER BASED AD – A clickable advertisement with a discount/offer for a product or service.

OFF-SITE MEASUREMENT – when a site forwards its log files to an off-site Web research service for analysis.

OMA DOWNLOAD – An open standard and application-level protocol that enables reliable content downloads. It can be integrated with other services, such as billing, allowing premium-priced content to be made available to mobile users.

ON DEVICE PORTAL  – The portal infrastructure is downloaded to the handset, using a technology such as Java or Flash. Some data is cached on device, so no connection is required for the user to browse the basic content set. The user connects to get updated information and the provider can update the local cache over-the-air when the user is connected.

ON PORTAL  (On Deck) – Point of sale/ access within the carrier’s “walled garden”/ portal/ deck where mobile customers can access/ purchase information and mobile products/ content/ utilities.

ON-DEMAND – the ability to request video, audio, or information to be sent to the screen immediately by clicking something on the screen referring to that choice.

ONLINE PREFERENCE MARKETING (OPM ) – Process whereby information is typically collected over time, and across web pages and WAP sites, to determine or predict Subscriber characteristics, behavior and/or preferences for use in ad delivery on the mobile web. The OPM process can use Non-PII or a combination of PII and Non-PII. OPM does not refer to the use of data by Mobile Marketers for ad delivery or reporting.

ON-SITE MEASUREMENT – when a server has an appropriate software program to measure and analyze traffic received on its own site.

OPERATING COMPANY (OpsCo ) – See Carrier

OPERATOR ASSISTED CHAT PROGRAM – A one-to-one chat program with a designated person, that is not a peer-to-peer chat program.

OPERATOR LOGO – A logo (usually the mobile carrier’s logo) that appears on the status screen of a handset. This screen real estate is often modified (i.e., with personalization content) by mobile subscribers.

OPTIMIZATION – Process of modifying/refining an advertising campaign so that it will perform more favorably for the advertiser, and extend reach, boost click-throughs and conversion rates, etc. Usually, done by using more qualified data about target market.

OPT-IN – The process where a Subscriber provides explicit consent, after receiving Notice from the Mobile Marketer. Refers to an individual giving a company permission to use data collected from or about the individual for a particular reason, such as to market the company’s products and services.Opt-in is a way of collecting mobile and Internet users’ personal data. Within the opt-in context, user acceptance is necessary before any mobile marketing solicitation. See permission marketing.

OPT-IN E-MAIL – lists of Internet users who have voluntarily signed up to receive commercial e-mail about topics of interest.

OPT-OUT – A process by which a Subscriber may exercise his or her right to Opt-out. The process through which a Subscriber revokes consent after receiving Notice from the Mobile Marketer. An example of an Opt-out process includes, but is not limited to, a Subscriber replying to an SMS message with the phrase “stop.”

OTS (Opportunity to See) (same as page display) – when a page is successfully displayed on the user’s computer screen or screen of a handset.

OVER-THE-AIR (OTA ) – A method of distributing new software updates to cell phones or provisioning handsets with the necessary settings with which to access services such as WAP or MMS.


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