[R] Interactive Marketing Glossary

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[R] Interactive Marketing Glossary

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(RSS )( REALLY SIMPLE SYNDICATION); (RSS Readers) – RSS is a process for publishing content on the Internet that facilitates moving that content into other environments. For example, top news stories on a newspaper website can be published as an RSS .feed. and pulled into and delivered via a Web portal site. RSS Readers are software programs or websites that enable users to subscribe to one or more RSS feeds, delivering content and information from multiple sources into a single user interface and environment. The model for content discovery and purchase that is provided by operators on-deck. This model is increasingly emerging off-deck, and replicates the PC Web experience for sites designed for handsets.

RANDOM CSC (RANDOM SHORT CODE) – A CSC (Common Short Code) that is assigned by the CSCA (Common Short Code Administration) Registry on a random basis from the pool of available CSCs.

RATE CARD – the list of advertising prices and products and packages offered by a media company.

REACH – 1) unique users that visited the site over the course of the reporting period, expressed as a percent of the universe for the demographic category; also called unduplicated audience; 2) the total number of unique users who will be served a given ad.

REAL TIME – events that happen .live. at a particular moment. When one chats in a chat room, or sends an instant message, one is interacting in real time.

REAL TIME STREAMING PROTOCOL (RTSP ) – A protocol for use in streaming media systems which allows a client to remotely control a streaming media server, issuing VCR-like commands such as “play” and “pause”, and allowing time-based access to files on a server.

REAL TONES – See Mastertone

REDEMPTION (CONVERSION ) – The number or percentage of consumers that actually took advantage of a particular offer.

REDIRECT – Automatically sending a user to a URL different from the one they clicked on.

RE-DIRECT – when used in reference to online advertising, one server assigning an ad-serving or ad-targeting function to another server, often operated by a third company. For instance, a Web publisher’s ad management server might re-direct to a third-party hired by an advertiser to distribute its ads to target customers; and then another re-direct to a “rich media” provider might also occur if streaming video were involved before the ad is finally delivered to the consumer. In some cases, the process of re-directs can produce latency. See ad serving, latency.

REFERRAL FEES – fees paid by advertisers for delivering a qualified sales lead or purchase inquiry.

REFERRAL LINK – the referring page, or referral link is a place from which the user clicked to get to the current page. In other words, since a hyperlink connects one URL to another, in clicking on a link the browser moves from the referring URL to the destination URL. Also known as source of a visit.

REFERRER – The Web page that delivered your visitor to your website.

REGISTRATION – a process for site visitors to enter information about themselves. Sites use registration data to enable or enhance targeting of content and ads. Registration can be required or voluntary.

RELEVANCE – The likelihood that a given Web page will be of interest or useful to a search engine user for a keyword search.

REPEAT VISITOR – unique visitor who has accessed a Web site more than once over a specific time period.

REPLY ACTIONS –The mobile subscriber may respond by replying to the MMS message.

RESPONSE CAPABILITY – The ability of the user to respond based on the feature set of the user’s device. (examples: SMS 2 way, WAP).

RETURN VISITS – the average number of times a user returns to a site over a specific time period.

REVENUE MANAGEMENT- See Yield Management.

REVENUE SHARE – Each party behind the mobile marketing initiative splits the revenue derived from the mobile marketing program. The designated percentage share of revenue to which a stakeholder/rights holder is entitled based on revenue sharing agreements, etc. Applies to revenue collected from the sale and distribution of content, programming, services and other revenue-generating property.

RICH MEDIA – advertisements with which users can interact (as opposed to solely animation) in a web page format. These advertisements can be used either singularly or in combination with various technologies, including but not limited to sound, video, or Flash, and with programming languages such as Java, Javascript, and DHTML. These Guidelines cover standard Web applications including e-mail, static (e.g. html) and dynamic (e.g. asp) Web pages, and may appear in ad formats such as banners and buttons as well as transitionals and various over-the-page units such as floating ads, page take-overs, and tear-backs.

RINGBACKS; (CALLER RINGBACK TONES ); (DRINGSPOT); (CBT) – The audio or “ring” the caller hears when calling a specific mobile number. Can be a Drinspot ad, Mastertone, Polytone or Voicetone and is either a device default or set by the handset owner when personalizing his/her mobile device.

RINGTONES (CALLERTONES, RINGERS, RINGER TONES) – The audio, or “ring” a handset owner hears when a call is received. Can be a Mastertone, Polytone or Voicetone and is either a device default or set by the handset owner when personalizing his/her mobile device. Ringer length is based on Carrier requirements.

ROAMING – A service allowing mobile subscribers to use their handsets on the networks of other mobile carriers.

ROI (Return on Investment) – Net profit divided by investment.

RON (Run-of-Network) – the scheduling of Internet advertising whereby an ad network positions ads across the sites it represents at its own discretion, according to available inventor. The advertiser usually forgoes premium positioning in exchange for more advertising weight at a lower CPM. see CPM

ROS (Run-of-Site) – the scheduling of Internet advertising whereby ads run across an entire site, often at a lower cost to the advertiser than the purchase of specific site sub-sections.

ROYALTIES (LICENSE, RIGHTS) – A fee paid by a content aggregator/ service provider/ mobile carrier to the content owner, e.g., music publisher, movie distributor, for the right to use or repurpose the content for mobile or PC consumption.


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