[V] Interactive Marketing Glossary

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[V] Interactive Marketing Glossary

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VIDEO GAME CONSOLE- An interactive entertainment computer or electric device that manipulates the video display signal of a display device (a television, monitor, etc.) to display a game. The term video game console is typically used solely for playing video games, but the new generation of consoles may play various types of media such as music, TV shows, and movies.

VALUE ADDED SERVICE (VAS ) – Additional service which add value to those already available on the network.

VANITY SHORT CODE – Specifically requested short code number. It spells out a content provider’s name, brand, and an associated word or is an easy to recall number sequence, e.g. DISNEY=347639, or 88888.

VIDEO TONE – A ringtone with audio and video that alerts the mobile subscriber when a call comes in.

VIEW- Often used as a synonym for .impression.. Any measurement and reporting of a .view. should be governed by the .impression.

VIEWER – person viewing content or ads on the Web. There is currently no way to measure viewers.

VIRAL MARKETING – 1) any advertising that propagates itself; 2) advertising and/or marketing techniques that “spread” like a virus by getting passed on from consumer to consumer and market to market.

VIRAL MARKETING – The communication via text message or other mobile content including ringtones, games and wallpaper by process in which consumer A receives the original message, identifies consumer B who he/she believes will be interested in the message and initiates a process – such as inputing a phone number, by which consumer B automatically receives the same message.

VIRAL VIDEO – Online video clips (typically short and humorous) passed via links or e-mail from one person to another.

VIRTUAL WORLDS – Three-dimensional computerized environments that multiple users can explore and interact with via .avatars,. characters representing themselves. Online games like World of Warcraft take place in virtual worlds, but the term is often used to define services that are open-ended and geared for socializing, as opposed to the more goal-oriented environments of online games.

VISIBILITY – How well-placed your Web site is in the search engines for relevant keyword searches.

VISIT – A single continuous set of activity attributable to a cookied browser or user (if registration-based or a panel participant) resulting in one or more pulled text and/or graphics downloads from a site.

VISIT DURATION – the length of time the visitor is exposed to a specific ad, Web page or Web site during a single session.

VISITOR – individual or browser which accesses a Web site within a specific time period.

VOICETONE – Any audio product created from a human voice recording. Can be sourced from “voice lifts” from a film, TV or broadcast audio track, or may be a Custom Voicetone, and custom recording from a script with voice talent.

VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) – programming language designed to be a 3D analog to HTML.


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