[W] Interactive Marketing Glossary

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[W] Interactive Marketing Glossary

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WALLED GARDEN – The service provider – for example, the mobile carrier – provides a restricted list of services to the consumer (deck/portal), but disables the ability of the consumer to access services outside of that list.

WALLPAPER – A piece of graphic content that is formatted to fit the screen of handsets or PC monitor.

WAN (Wide Area Network) – connectivity between a number of computers not located at the same physical location.

WAP (WIRELESS APPLICATION PROTOCOL) – An open international standard for applications that use wireless communication. A specification for a set of communication protocols to standardize the way that wireless devices, such as cellular mobile telephones, PDAs and others access and browse Internet-based content.

WAP 1.0 – A format of mobile web. Relied on WML markup language and special protocols designed for ultra-efficient transmission of content to limited devices over limited connections.

WAP 2.0 – An increasingly popular format of choice for mobile web. Relies on a new set of standards that are more in line with Internet standards. Using xHTML, mobile carriers, content providers and media companies can present content and functionality in more robust formats via faster wireless technologies.

WAP BILLING – A billing interface that enables third-party content to be charged directly to the subscriber account (i.e., not via an intermediate system such as PSMS). WAP billing is usually delivered by the carrier as a wholesale offering of the billing scheme used for on-deck content purchase. The carrier retains a percentage of all transactions as its cost of billing.

WAP LANDING PAGE – A secondary WAP page a consumer is taken to once they click on an MMS link in order to give or receive additional information.

WAP PULLL – Where the user directly requests a mobile WAP site by entering a URL, or by entering the phone number on a content provider Web page.

WAP PUSH – A form of mobile marketing that utilizes WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) to push a specific WAP URL to a phone as a service message. This provides the recipient with access to media rich content via their WAP provider.  In other words, a specially encoded message which includes a link to a WAP address that allows WAP content to be pushed to the handset with minimum user intervention.

WAP PUSH MESSAGING – An SMS message which includes a clickable WAP link.

WAP SITE – A Web site that is specifically designed and formatted for display on a mobile device.

WAP STOREFRONT – A mobile Internet site, provided by a third-party content provider, which contains some percentage of premium content.

WASP (Wireless Applications Service Provider) – an organization that provides content and applications for wireless devices.

WEB BEACON- a line of code which is used by a Web site or third party ad server to track a user‘s activity, such as a registration or conversion. A Web beacon is often invisible because it is only 1 x 1 pixel in size with no color. Also known as Web bug, 1 by 1 GIF, invisible GIF and tracker GIF.

WEB BUG – see Web beacon.

WEB SITE – the virtual location (domain) for an organization’s or individual’s presence on the World Wide Web.

WEB STOREFRONT – A Web site for mobile content, especially one containing premium content. Enables the user to browse content and make multiple purchases per visit. The user may order from the Web site so that the content is pushed to their phone.

WEBCASTING – real-time or pre-recorded delivery of a live event‘s audio, video, or animation over the Internet.

WIDEBAND CODE DIVISION MULTIPLE ACCESS (WCDMA) (WIDEBAND CDMA) – A high-speed 3G mobile wireless technology with the capacity to offer higher data speeds than CDMA and therefore can transmit and receive information faster and more efficiently.

WIDGET – A small application designed to reside on a PC desktop (Mac OS or Microsoft Windows) or within a Web-based portal, or can be embedded in a 3G mobile phone or social network site (e.g., Twitter, Linkedin, Plaxo, Hi5, MySpace or Facebook) offering useful or entertaining functionality to the end user

WI-FI – Any of a family of wireless LAN data standards (IEEE 802.11) used fairly ubiquitously for corporate and home connectivity. Also available as .hotspots. in public areas such as cafes and airport terminals, either for free or for a one-time use charge or subscription fee.

WIMAX – A wireless WAN standard (IEEE 802.16) designed to provide portable (eventually mobile) wireless broadband access. Single WIMAX antennas can provide coverage over large physical areas, making deployment potentially very cost effective.

WIRELESS ADVERTISING – See Mobile Advertising


WIRELESS MARKUP LANGUAGE (WML) – A markup language developed specifically for wireless applications to enable optimum usage of the limited display capabilities of a handset. Based on XML, it is used for tailoring WAP content.

WIRELESS SPAM – Push messaging that is sent without confirmed opt-in.

WML – See Wireless Markup Language.


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