Who Uses TWITTER: Third Quarter 2010 in Portugal, Spain and USA

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The third quarter 2010 according to Google’s Ad Planner and Alexa.com services, about Twitter (twitter.com): Social networking and microblogging service utilising instant messaging, SMS or a web interface.

Twitter is the ninth most popular site in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. It has a bounce rate of roughly 37% .
(i.e., 37% of visits consist of only one pageview).

Twitter’s daily visits have fallen off (-1.9%) for the last tree months, many Twitter users, don’t go to the Twitter site to use the tool, but rather use an application, like Bitter, MadTwitter, Power Twitter, Twitter Gadget by Google, Twitterlicious, hootsuite, TweetDeck, TwitterBar to interact on the Twitter. Thus the visit count would not be recorded as a site visit.

Twitter‘s visitors view an average of 6.2 unique pages per day. Visitors to the Twitter’s spend roughly eight minutes per visit to the site and 44 seconds per pageview.

The Twitter service will struggle to grow until the users can learn that the impact of Twitter is not in the posts, but the conversations and the share links to other blogs and webpages.

The biggest surprise in the 3rd Quarter with Twitter was that it did not break the 100 million user mark.  In the last quarter Twitter only grew by 2 million (+2,1%) and now stands at 98 million users.

One interesting development in the latest data is the shift in the age demographics. Twitter seems to have made a shift to younger adults. The 18-34 age group is up by 16%, while the 35-64 age group is down by 9% from six months ago.

Also, teenagers (under 18) have dropped by 6% since the 1st quarter and now make up only 4% of all Twitter users.


About João Geraldes

Doutorado em Gestão, Estratégia e Posicionamento pela Universidad da Extremadura de Badajoz na área de Organização e Competitividade, Mestre em Gestão no Instituto Superior de Gestão e Licenciado em Organização e Gestão de Empresas no ISCTE. Atualmente é Coordenador da Licenciatura de Gestão do Instituto Piaget, Diretor Emérito do Instituto Superior de Ciências da Administração, Managing Partner da 2B-On | SOCIAL BUSINESS CONSULTING, CEO da TSG, BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING, Partner da AKA People, Diretor da Pós Graduação de Gestão Hospitalar do Instituto Superior de Gestão. Leciona ainda na Ordem dos Farmacêuticos a Pós-Graduação de Marketing Digital e é docente também no Centro de Estudos Superiores da Indústria Farmacêutica em Marketing Digital, acumulando experiência lectiva desde 1990 (27 anos). É Presidente da Assembleia da OV-Associação Portuguesa de Profissionais de Vendas e Presidente da Direção da Associação de Proprietários de São Marcos desde 1995). É membro efetivo da Ordem dos Economistas com o nº 10723.
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