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Apenas 24% dos adultos utilizam as aplicações do seu telemóvel

A mais recente pesquisa da Pew Internet Project realizada nos Estados Unidos da América a uma amostra de 1.917 utilizadores adultos de telemóvel sobre a utilização de Aplicações (App) nos telemóveis. Em termos gerais, os resultados indicaram que, as aplicações são … Continue reading

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Only 24% of Adults use cell phone Apps

The most recent Pew Internet Project survey asked a national (U.S.) sample of 1,917 cell phone-using adults if they use apps and how they use them. Broadly, the results indicate that while apps are popular among a segment of the … Continue reading

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This seven infographic explores Facebook’s growth and Privacy over the past six years

Some facts: Way back in early 2004 (February 4, 2004 ) Mark Zuckerberg gave birth to Facebook, then at thefacebook.com. At that time Mark Zuckerberg was a sophomore at Harvard University. (In the beginning there was Harvard and only Harvard. Facebook was … Continue reading

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